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St. Xavier’s Public School

The aim of education at St. Xavier’s Public School is the all-round development and integral growth of the human personality- the physical, mental, spiritual, social and psychological. Social consciousness is very much stressed in today’s world. We train the children so that in their turn they play a vital role in bringing about the desired changes for the betterment of the people of our society.

In order to create a conducive environment in our school, the management, students and the parents collectively and responsibly work together. The various educational programmes of the school are oriented towards –

  • Developing the intellectual capacity of children to search for the truth and the knowledge.
  • Fostering freedom of thought so that they assume personal responsibility for their own lives.
  • Forming a consciousness that will make them capable of fostering the good relationship with others.
  • Open to other cultures and religions.
  • Possess an attitude of solidarity and dialogue.

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Academic Year 2023-24

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The mission of the Claretian educational astolate in India is: “ To form spiritually oriented, morally upright, intellectually competent, socially responsive and culturally tolerant citizens, through holistic education, for the creation of a civilization of love”. Each of our educational institutions shall strive to realize this mission in all its endeavours.

Our vision is that “Knowledge should not be confined to the four walls of the institution. It should percolate outside, reach out to the needy and the unreached; encourage students to appreciate the virtues of collaboration; foster the habits of responsibility and self discipline; promote initiatives and exercise of individual judgment; and encourage an attitude of positive response to the persistent demands of a changing society, yet firmly upholding a belief in basic values and standards”.

“Aim High and Grow Ever”



Value of Life

  1. Managed by “Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary”  (Cordis Mariae Filii –Claretian Missionaries)
  2. Competent, resourceful, qualified, experienced, motivated and dedicated team of staff.
  3. Well – equipped library and reading room.
  4. Well – equipped science laboratories for Biology, Chemistry and Physics and Computer.
  5. Conducive and natural atmosphere for study.
  6. Transportation facilities.

Our Patron

Saint Anthony Mary Claret

“Do you know there is one thing that I have never been able to under­stand? It is that although our Lord is infinitely good and loves us without measure, men love Him so little!” These words reveal to us the heart of a great apostle, Saint Anthony Mary Claret.

Born two days before Christmas 1807, in the factory town of Salient, in the province of Barcelona, in Catalonia (northeast Spain), Anthony Claret was bap­tized on the day of our Savior’s birth. His parents, who worked as cotton weavers, were devout Christians. The first words they taught their children were the holy names of Jesus and Mary. Young Anthony developed a great devotion to the Most Blessed Virgin, and he loved to go to her shrines. One of Anthony Claret’s favourite occupations was learning and teaching catechism.

The Claretians

The Claretians (Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) are a Roman Catholic Religious Congregation of priests and brothers dedicated to the mission of living and spreading the Gospel of Jesus, in more than 65 countries on five continents.

Our ministries are devoted to social concerns and issues of justice and peace in parishes, foreign missions,  publishing, and education. We are committed to reaching out to all kinds of people especially in the remote areas of the world, and many vulnerable situations of the world.

We strive hard to respond to the most urgent and timely needs, using all means possible to care for the spiritual and material needs of others. We give special attention to youth and families, by providing leadership training, and spiritual renewal. We are actively engaged in the spiritual, social and economic development.

The Claretians was founded by St. Anthony Claret in Spain in 1849, who was a man on fire with God’s love. He embodied the special charisms of community, mission, evangelization, and spirituality. The flame is a symbol of the passion and zeal that are part of Claret’s legacy.

Education is also one of the priorities of the Claretians in the world. St. Xavier’s Public school, Peechanikadu that follows CBSE syllabus, is an initiative of the Claretian Fathers and run by a team of well – trained and dedicated staff under the leadership of Claretian society mainly for the educational and social development of the people of the locality.