DEBATE 2023-24

A debate competition was held in the school on 8th September 2023. The motion of the debate was, ‘MEDIA, THE FOURTH PILLAR OF DEMOCRACY: IS IT A CONSTRUCTIVE AGENT OR DESTRUCTIVE FORCE TODAY?’.The aim of organizing a debate competition was to hone the public speaking skills of the students and teach them to be articulate while expressing their thoughts and opinions. 

The speakers from both the teams ‘FOR’ and ‘AGAINST’, spoke eloquently on the topic. The moderator of the debate was Kumari Anna Rose Varghese, of class XII. The team for the motion ‘AGAINST’ won the competition after the scrutiny and judgment given by the judges of the day, namely, Rev. Fr. Joyce Attuchalil, Rev. Fr. Vinil Kurisutharayil, and Ms. Shiby. C. V. Kumari Riya Martin of class XII  and Master Gautham Harish of class X were selected as the best speaker and best debater respectively.

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