KG Convocation Ceremony 2023-24

The UKG convocation ceremony held at St. Xavier’s Public School, Peechanikkadu,was a momentous occasion filled with joy and nostalgia as students prepared to embark on their journey to primary school. The event commenced with a serene prayer dance performed by the kiddies, showcasing their innocence and enthusiasm.Ms. Julie extended a warm welcome to all attendees, including parents, teachers, and distinguished guests. Rev. Fr. Siby Njavallikkunnel CMF,delivered an inspiring speech, encouraging the young graduates to pursue their dreams and excel in their future endeavors.

Rev. Fr. Jijo Machukkuzhiyil CMF, The manager of the school then took the stage to commend the graduating students for their achievements and to express gratitude to the teachers and parents for their unwavering support throughout the academic year.Rev. Fr. Aneesh Kannamkkunnel CMF, principal, addressed the audience, reflecting on the growth and development of the students during their time in Kindergarten and imparting words of wisdom for their future educational journey.

In a heartwarming segment, the kids shared their cherished experiences from their time in kindergarten, reminiscing about friendships, learning adventures, and memorable moments that will stay with them forever.The convocation ceremony continued with a lively dance performance by the playful and enthusiastic play school students, spreading joy and energy among the attendees.

As a token of appreciation for their hard work and dedication, mementos were distributed to the graduating students, symbolizing the culmination of their Kindergarten journey and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives.

Ms. Mini, concluded the ceremony with a heartfelt vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all individuals involved in making the event a resounding success and wishing the graduating students a bright and prosperous future ahead.

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